Meet Your Trainer

IMG_20190325_131540_649Hi! I’m Sarah.

My fitness journey started in high school with little to no knowledge about what I needed to do to really be healthy. I spent countless hours on the elliptical just hoping things would work out (pun intended!). Fast forward a few years and, in the midst of a personal health crisis, I decided to take matters into my own hands by becoming a certified personal trainer. Today, I love to help others find out what wellness and health really means for them–helping my clients who are dealing with chronic pain and health conditions, as well as new moms hoping to find a new normal in their body.


I know that fitness is intimidating. It is personal, emotional, and often ties into our deepest insecurities. I know how overwhelming it is to see these perfect Instagram models doing crazy exercises and to feel like you will never be good enough. Sometimes a person wants to go out for drinks with friends without feeling guilty and I am here to say that can (usually) be part of your life while still reaching your goals! I want a healthy, balanced lifestyle to be attainable for everyone and that is why I am here. Join me on this journey to find balance in life and wellness.