“A year ago, I decided enough was enough; I wasn’t happy with a sedentary lifestyle, or my less-than-healthy diet. I felt tired and uncomfortable with myself, and I knew I wanted more from my life, but wasn’t quite sure how to start. Enter Sarah. From the beginning, she has been present and supportive (which is no easy feat, considering I live in Hawaii!) and has done an amazing job personalizing my workouts and meal plans. If I don’t like a certain food or exercise, she finds an alternative; if I have questions about different workouts or nutrition, she’s there to answer them. I’m the kind of person who feels self-conscious at the gym, so the fact that Sarah tailors your workouts to fit your lifestyle and resources is a godsend. I was skeptical at first about how an “online” personal trainer could make a difference in my life, but it’s just like with a trainer you go to meet in person: if you follow their advice and stick to your plans, you WILL see results. And I definitely have!! I’m proud to say I’ve lost over 30 pounds following Sarah’s exercise and meal plans. Sarah has helped me find not only a new, healthier lifestyle, but a new self-confidence as well. If it works for me all the way in the middle of the ocean, it will work for anyone!” –Lillian


“When I moved to China last year, one of my foremost concerns was maintaining fitness while adjusting to a different diet and workout regimen than I was previously accustomed to while living in the States. Sarah, however, made the transition absolutely seamless. Despite a 12-13 hour time difference, occasionally uncooperative internet, and a constantly changing work schedule Sarah was able to keep me healthy and moving all the way from the other side of the world! Sarah is extremely communicative to the needs of her customers, and a terrific encouragement when motivation is running low. I truly can’t recommend her or her training services highly enough!”  –Sam


“Sarah rocks. She will develop a regimen that caters to your needs that will always keep the blood flowing and the heart rate up. Usually, working out can be a drag. However, when you work with Sarah you’ll have a blast and not want the fun to end. Highly recommended; five stars all around!” –Philip