3 Habits of Healthy People

Most people want to be healthy, but it can be hard to know where to start. Different diets and exercise routines are being sold as the ultimate solution to our struggles for health and a lot of the time two completely opposite ideas are being sold as the healthiest. How is anyone supposed to parse through all that unless they really love spending their free time reading scientific studies on the keto diet? The short answer is that they’re not. Thankfully, even though plenty of businesses out there want you to think it will take a total overhaul of your life to be healthy, it really only takes some small changes, made over time, to completely change your health and your life. Here are a few of the habits that I consistently see shared by the healthiest people I know and my most successful clients.

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Plan ahead

Planning ahead is key to knowing what you need to be doing to reach your goals and helping you stay on track with your health when things don’t feel like they are going well. With the right plan–maybe meal prepping on Sunday or scheduling your workouts for the week–you don’t have to feel lost about what you need to be doing. Personally, I love to take the time on Sunday night to use my planner to schedule my week with workouts, meals, and all my other obligations so I don’t have any surprises. This way, I can see clearly what I am doing, if I am sticking to my plan, and what areas may need some work. Clarity in planning shows us our weak spots and makes us stronger in the long run. The healthiest people I know all have some sort of plan/guideline for what they are doing in their workouts and in the kitchen each week and that shows in their results!

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Drink More Water

Healthy habit number two sounds easy (and it is!), but you would be amazed what a difference it can make. People who are well hydrated have clearer skin, are less likely to overeat, sleep better…I can keep going, but you get the point. Keeping a reusable water bottle at your desk (personally I use this one  but this one is so cute I might have to get it as a back up) means you have a constant reminder to drink up without having to run to to kitchen 8 times a day. You might find yourself going to the bathroom a few more times a day, but just think of all the extra movement you’re getting in with those trips! Killing 2 birds with one bladder sized stone.


Move Every Day

This one might sound like more of a stretch (ha! puns!) than drinking water, but movement doesn’t have to be big. Start with 10 minutes of stretching while watching TV. Park a little further away from the office and take the stairs when you can. Try out that Zumba class at your local library with a friend. Take your dog for a walk. Ultimately, healthy people find something that they enjoy (or at least don’t hate) and that keeps them moving in order to feel better and give their bodies the love they deserve.

A little disclaimer here: if you are someone who has tried every workout under the sun and still hates exercise, I’m sorry,  but that’s no excuse not to do something. Think of it like brushing your teeth–nobody really loves doing that, but its a necessary part of having healthy teeth so we suck it up and do it anyway. Sometimes working out is the same way.

Getting healthier doesn’t have to mean changing everything about your life. One small change is sometimes all it takes to rework your mindset and be the change that improves your life forever. While it can be hard to know where to start, looking to the habits of those we aspire to be like can help narrow the focus and make healthy habits more attainable. Starting with a game plan, staying hydrated, and moving more will all set you up to succeed and achieve your healthy goals!


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