5 Healthy Tips For Eating Out

Eating out while trying to lose weight can feel impossible. I mean, have you looked at those menus with the calorie information on there? When a salad has more calories than a burger, you know you’re in for some trouble trying to navigate what is the healthiest option while out with friends. Thankfully it doesn’t have to be that hard–here are some easy tips to follow that will make sure you aren’t blowing up your


When Eating Out, Tell Your Server NOT To Bring Any Bread.

I know, I know. I love those baskets full of free food as much as anyone and have definitely been guilty of eating 1 (or 4) baskets worth of food before even getting to my actual meal. Remember though, that bread isn’t what brought you to the restaurant! If you take away the temptation, you won’t even miss it, and that is a potential of 300-900 calories that you are saving right there.

Salad First!

While we’re on the topic of what to eat before the meal, researchers from Penn State recently found that people who ate a veggie salad before eating their main course, ate fewer overall calories than those who did not eat a first-course salad. Filling up on veggies is the perfect way to curb your appetite by the time the dessert menu rolls around.

Rule of Thumb: More Creamy = More Fattening.

This goes for most things and isn’t necessarily bad. Just look at an avocado, that is a creamy ball of fat that is great for your health! That being said, creamy sauces at dinner or creamy dressings on salads are usually not great for you and pack on the calories. If ordering a salad, try a vinaigrette instead of a mayonnaise-based or creamy dressing and if eating pasta, avoid those Alfredo sauces and try a tomato based one instead.

More Veggies, Please!

When dining out, ask for extra vegetables. Now, fair warning that this might cost extra, but this is a great weight loss strategy to help you get full on veggies instead of bread or other unhealthy foods. Also, think of the money you’ll actually be saving on healthcare when you are treating your body to those healthy nutrients–it’s worth the extra dollar on the front end to save a trip to the doctor’s office later.


Strive for Progress, Not Perfection.

Some days are going to be better than others. Do you usually get a big burger with fries and a shake? Then swapping in sweet potato fries and opting out of adding more mayo or ketchup to your burger is a win! Maybe next time you’ll get a smaller shake. Eventually you’ll find yourself making better choices and those will roll into each other to give you results. Remember, real, sustainable change doesn’t happen overnight!