Why I Don’t Give My Clients Meal Plans

Why I don't give my clients meal plans

Meal plans sound great, right? You get to take out all the hard work of figuring out what food is healthy, what you want to eat, and how many calories you are eating because a professional did it for you! What better way could there be to make sure you are eating well and losing weight? Well, there are a lot of better ways if you ask me.

Meal plans are almost always a waste of money. People don’t stick to them, they get boring, and nobody is going to be on a meal plan forever so what happens when they stop the program? They are left right back where they started, maybe with some new healthy recipes that they enjoy, but probably not. I’ll admit, I used to write meal plans for clients. It seemed logical, but I was never satisfied with the results. Sure, people would lose weight (if they stuck to it), but I saw clients losing the progress we had made together after they finished their program because I hadn’t given them the tools they needed to succeed on their own. I knew they deserved more than that and was determined to find a better way to coach.

Today, I have a much more flexible long term solution to improving the health of my clients: Habit Based Coaching. This is different. This is about you, changing your life one small habit at a time, and finding yourself making healthy decisions. You lose weight and keep it off because you have fundamentally changed your relationship with food, exercise, and wellness in general.

I’ll admit, there is nothing cool or sexy about habit based coaching. When I tell clients to focus on eating slowly for 2 weeks it is often met with “But that seems like too little, I can do more!” Well, maybe you can or maybe you can’t, but it is a building block for a lifetime of eating habits. It doesn’t hold the appeal of fad diet claims to “lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks!” or “90 days to shredded abs!”. It is a slow burn. This approach is for people who are sick of the unfulfilled promises of quick results and who want to actually FEEL better, LOOK better, and LIVE better. No more unfulfilled promises, just a full, healthy, transformed life. Now that’s something I can be proud to put my name behind.