Everything You Need to Know about Workout Nutrition

There is a lot of information out there about nutrient timing, especially when it comes to what we should eat before, during, and after exercise. Do you load up on carbs beforehand? Do you need BCAAs mid-workout to keep up your energy? If you aren’t able to chug a protein shake within 20 minutes of finishing your workout will all your gains be lost? (I’m only kind of kidding, you should see some of the info out there).

Today I want to share an easy to follow infographic from my good friends at Precision Nutrition that takes the confusion out of Workout Nutrition.



Do you struggle to eat well and create sustainable healthy habits? Do you have questions about nutrition, exercise, or healthy living? Comment below or shoot me an email at sarahzimmerfitness@gmail.com and let’s get rid of those obstacles that are keeping you from living your healthiest, happiest life together.

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